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Tensegrity is a created word blending tension and integrity. Based on the principles of tensegrity, our fascial matrix is considered an interconnected tensional network. No longer the idea that we are a stack of building blocks, research reveals bones and tissues make up a dynamic balance of compression (pushing forces) and tension (pulling forces) integrity. 

This tensegrity structure finely attunes and balances itself to its internal and external environment and distributes forces via multidimensional lines of tension to dissipate them throughout the matrix. Any force can influence and create adaptation to any part of the whole, from cells to the entire body through this global fascial network. 

Dr. Donald Ingber and Dr. Steven Levin have been the forerunners in science: teaching and researching tensegrity and how it relates to our physical bodies. Hence the term Biotensegrity to illustrate that this concept is the very nature of our cellular structure.

Among Dr Ingber's over 200 published articles in miscellaneous medical journals, his January 1998 Scientific American: Feature Article: The Architecture of Life was one of the important articles in establishing the concept of Tensegrity in human anatomy outside of research journals.

(I still have this original publication, :) MJ)