Courses, Workshops and Mentoring


Our mission is to forge a new paradigm in manual therapy that embraces a holistic approach informed by cutting-edge science and grounded in direct therapeutic experience towards healing and restoration of health.

We recognize the fascial matrix as a dynamic, connecting, self regulating and intelligent system ... an infinite connector throughout our cellular foundation ... integrating and coordinating the functioning of our body.

We embrace the Gesture within the form .... the heartful physical expression of our biography , our life experience , our spirit.



Some typical comments from course attendees:

"Powerfully gentle"

"Thank you thank you thank you"

"Creates a new paradigm that is uncomplicated and unparalleled … the most effective modality I have ever used after investing years of study in manual therapies. I feel this is the future of manual therapy"

"Its a win"

"Be prepared for a shift in perspective! Love this work. Most relevant course I have taken. Amazing results!” 

"I want more"

"Bleepin awesome"

"My experience with this work has been great so far ... personally and for my patients.” 

"The most comprehensive course I’ve ever taken!" 

"Great class" 



Courses are one to three full days in length and feature a comprehensive, interactive and experiential approach of the subject material.

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Workshops range between one and four hours in duration and feature a more informal and interactive delivery.

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Mentoring programs are available to therapists interested in developing their art and practice of Matrix Manual Therapy.