Understanding the remarkable properties of the fascial matrix creates the foundation for Fascial Dynamics for it promotes self-regulation and resiliency — reconnecting to optimal health, wellness and performance.

The fascial matrix is considered a dynamic, interconnected, intelligent, tensional network … all within a framework of balance and movement ... the principles of Biotensegrity. The matrix is a fluid medium with nourishing tributaries balancing and transporting hormones, energy and information.

With electronic conducting properties, the fascial matrix helps integrate and coordinate the functioning of all parts of our body. But restrictions, often due to long forgotten traumas, postural imbalances, inflammation from poor nutrition, immune dysfunction, unresolved emotions and chronic stress responses, alter the matrix to solidify and stiffen.

This introduces heightened pressures which affect fluid dynamics, metabolic processes and disrupts the flow of electrical commands. These restrictions can also create multidimensional lines of tension, the ‘currents’ of injury, strain and trauma, sometimes projecting far within the fascial network.

These lines of tension will impede neural and bioelectric systems affecting general cellular health, potentially impacting one’s healing process.

Addressing the fibrous fascial network and the fluidity of the matrix with its bioelectronic system, influences metabolic processes and energy communication, allowing your body to self-regulate, adapt and heal.